Ever wonder why we take the time to check the items you consign for current safety regulations? Because keeping our little ones safe is a big deal at Cutie Patuties.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides ongoing information to the public about product recalls and recommendations for product safety. It turns out that many items we use every day in our homes are found to have areas of improvement for the safety of the whole family. We inspect the items you consign carefully and use the information the CPSC publishes to maintain the highest level of safety for our customers. If an item is recalled, or has a safety flaw, we don’t accept it for consignment.

Keep your family safe by keeping current with product recalls and safety issues:

Most items we check are fine. The few items that have had recalls typically have quick replacements you can order direct from the original manufacture, most times at no extra cost.

Please visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and check to see if any of your items are listed them before you bring them in.

Sign up here to Receive Email Notices from the CPSC of New Product Recalls.

Check out the CPSC’s Monthly Videos Listing Recent Recalls Here.

If your item has been recalled, and you receive the replacement part, please bring in the unopened replacement part with the item so we may verify the new part is with the item.

If you have any questions, just ask!  Call 978-534-6604 or click HERE to send us a message.