It is easy to bring in your "in style" fashions and accessories. We have open drop every day during business hours. All clothing must be an up-to-date style and in clean, sellable condition. We only only accept in-season styles, free of any rips / stains / or missing buttons.

All clothing must be hung on hangers before they are left with us. We have plenty of hangers for your use in the store.  We strongly recommend you pick up hangers and hang the items you want to bring in before you come in, so it's a quick drop off.

Drop offs accepted daily, 10am- 3pm. no appointments needed.

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories are accepted by season:

  • Spring & Summer items are accepted December 1 - May 31st
  • Fall & Winter items are accepted June 1st - November 30th 


** We do not look through your items at time of drop off. Any unaccepted items will be donated to local charities (See contract) 

You simply check back on your account to receive your credits earned!  You may choose to pick up your earnings as cash, and receive 40% off the selling price for all items sold under $75.00, or (even better) choose to keep your earnings as store credit, and earn an additional 5% for your items sold.  Your store credits can then be used for anything in the store, clothing for you, the kids, or even home decor and furniture at Cutiques.

If you have designer items, you will receive 50% off the selling price for all items sold over $75.00, or earn 55% of the selling price if you keep it as store credits.

Yes, it really is that easy!

All consignor accounts are updated automatically when items are sold. You can then use your credit towards a purchase at any time. In addition, for consignors who choose to receive their payments as cash, payments are available during normal business hours by presenting a picture ID for any amount due below $100.

Checks are printed on the first of each month for consignors owed $100 or more and are available for pickup in store after the 1st.

To download the Consignor Agreement, click HERE.

If you have any questions, please call us at 978-534-6604 or click HERE to send us a message.