It’s as easy as A-B-C to consign with Cutie Patuties!


    A. Approach your child’s closet (Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite)—Identify which items no longer fit, are they still in great shape? Are they Clean, Current and Cute? Bundle those items for this season, label and pack next season’s items so you are ready.


        B. Bring this season’s items to Cutie Patuties. Consignments accepted 7 days a week, 10am - 3pm —No Appointments needed!


            C. Count your Cash! Your account starts to add up as soon as your items sell!

              Repeat your A-B-Cs as needed!


              Clothing, Shoes and Accesories are accepted by Season:

              Spring/ Summer items
              December 1st - May 31st

              Fall/ Winter items June 1st - November 30th

              **Halloween Costumes Accepted August 1st - September 15th


              Want more details? Here they are!

              Do I sign a contract with you?
              A.  Yes!  We want to make sure you understand how it works, so we do ask that you sign an agreement with us.  You can read it over and click HERE to download our consignment agreement.
              Can I really consign without an appointment?
              A. YES! We have open drop off 7 days a week, 10am - 3pm.  You can drop off up to 2 laundry baskets worth of clothing (use our baskets & hangers), or 2 larger nursery gear items (high chairs, strollers, etc), or 2 up to kitchen sized bags of shoes & accessories, or toys & books.  Your choice of what to bring in, just up to 2 per day (but we're happy to see you again tomorrow if you have more to clean out of your closets later!)

              Can I consign almost any baby or kids’ items?
              A. YES! We love it all. Just keep in mind your items must be Clean, Cute and Currently in-season (December 1st thru May 31 = Spring / Summer,  June 1 - November 30th  = Fall / Winter) and in great shape. That means we don’t want clothes with rips, stains, missing buttons, animal hair or yucky smells on them. Items with multiple pieces or attachments need all pieces and all items must be in working order, including batteries or light bulbs, if needed. (Of course, we DO understand that your items will be gently used.)

              I have heard clothing must be delivered to you on plastic hangers. Is that true?
              A. Yes. But we will give you free hangers, in advance, or once you get to the store. To save you time we suggest picking up hangers beforehand, and hanging your items at home. This also gives you the chance to inspect the clothes so you only bring in items in great condition.

              What clothes do you accept for consignment each season?
              A. We accept items by the season.
              December 1 - May 31, bring us your Spring and Summer clothes (short sleeves, shorts, bathing suits, rain coats, sandals, etc.)
              June 1 - November 30, bring us your Fall and Winter clothes (long sleeves, heavy jackets, hats/ gloves, holiday wear, sweaters, boots, etc.)
              **Consignments accepted daily, 10am - 3pm.
              Do you have a list of the other items you accept for consignment?
              A. YES. Here’s a pretty comprehensive list: Complete toys, new games and puzzles, books, DVD's, unopened/unexpired baby food and formula, and gently used infant equipment. (All infant equipment must meet current safety guidelines. To check your equipment ahead of time go to and search for recalls by company. See our Product Safety page for more information. All nursery gear including cribs and high chairs must be under 5 years old to meet safety guidelines even if no specific recall is issued. All nursery gear including cribs, pack ‘n plays and beds must be assembled by consignor.) If an item requires batteries, or light bulbs, etc. it needs to have working batteries and bulbs to be accepted.

              How much money do I make?
              A. We set the price on each item we sell. After the item is sold, 40% of the sale price goes into your account as cash or 45% goes into your account as store credit. For example, if we sell an item of yours for $10, you make $4 cash or get a $4.50 credit to any of our stores. For items priced over $75.00, you will receive 50% of the selling price in cash or a 55% store credit.

              How do I get paid?
              A. Once you’re a consignor, your account is updated automatically when your items are sold. You can then use your credit towards a purchase at any time. If you want to receive your payments as cash, come into the store, show us a picture ID, and we’ll pay you in cash for any amount we owe you under $100. Checks are printed on the first of each month for consignors owed $100 or more and are available for pickup in store after the 1st.

              To earn even more, keep your earned money as store credit to use towards future purchases. Keeping your earnings as store credit adds 5% to your payout. Store credit Consignors then receive 45% for sold items priced below $75 and 55% for sold items priced $75 or more. This can mean you earn enough from last season to buy new items for the season coming up. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

              If the items you bring in are unaccepted or unsold within the consignment period (90 days), they will be donated to local charities.

              How do I know how much money I’ve earned?
              A. There’s an app for that! Actually, when you sign up as a consignor, you will receive online account access so you can check your balance from home. It’s fun to watch your money grow!

               Have other questions? Just ask. Call 978-534-6604 or click HERE to send a message.