Compared to other ways of cleaning out those closets, basements, garages and storage spaces, recycling via consignment provides big benefits to everyone involved.

For You: We make consigning simple, easy and profitable at Cutiques Consignment Store. Benefits like our “No Appointment Needed” policy, the fact that we accept merchandise 7 days a week, 10am- 3pm,  and our generous payout program means that recycling your items with us is painless and a great way to earn extra cash.

For Your Community: Equally important, recycling your no longer needed home goods through consignment is good for your neighbors and community. It gives other families the opportunity to shop for gently used items at a fraction of the price of standard retail stores. As one of the largest furniture and home goods consignment stores in New England, with 1000s of items available, our store is a virtual shopping mall where everything is always on sale. This adds up to savings for anyone who is looking to stretch their dollars a little further.

For the Earth: Recycling through consignment is an Earth friendly, green solution.  Revolving your home with new items, and keeping your older items out of a landfill is taking care of our resources and looking ahead to future generations.  Just because you can't use it anymore, doesn't mean it's useless.

By consigning your home goods with Cutiques, you win by earning cash as you clean out your home. Your local community wins by saving money as they purchase gently used recycled furniture instead of buying new. And our Earth wins because we reduce the burden we put on it.

Call it a recycling win-win-win for all of us!

Ready to consign?

Here's the Easy Steps to Consign Your Home Decor and Furniture:

  1. Identify what you no longer need.  Our customers have a variety of interests and needs, and are always looking for great pieces to make their house a home.  One easy tip is to keep a box in the hall closet or garage.  When you come across something you no longer need, add it to the box.  When the box is full, bring it to us!
  2. Bring your items to consign, 7 days per week, 10am - 3pm. No Appointments Needed.  Yes, this includes all consignments including furniture. *We request you submit a photo of furniture items for us to review to make sure it's an item our customers are interested in.
  3. We will always find a great display area for your items, but request 24 hours notice of drop off of large furniture items. We will quickly review your items to make sure they meet our customer's standards, email a receipt to you, and you just watch your credits add up.
  4. This is where we do all the work for you.  We value your items, photograph them to be displayed on our website for 24 hour exposure to potential customers, neatly display your items in store and help potential customers find your items to purchase.
  5. Once your items sell, your account is credited based on the price your item sold for.  You receive 40% of the selling price if you would like to pick up your credits as cash, as they are earned, or keep your credits to use for future purchases at any ECi Store, and earn an additional 5%.  If you have a larger, or more valuable item that is originally priced at $75.00 or more, you will earn 50% or 55% of the selling price.

It's really that easy!

Frequently asked Questions & Answers

  1. Is it really worth the hassle recycling my old stuff through a consignment store rather than tossing them in the big recycle bins I see around town?    * We think the answer is YES! We try and take the hassle out of consigning by making easy and profitable. You can consign 7 days a week and there’s no appointment needed. You can consign all your home goods in one place, including – furniture, wall décor, mirrors, shelves, dish sets, glassware, bedding, holiday decorations (seasonally), etc. And, you make money on the items we sell. (The biggest reason!)
  2. How much money can I make?                                                                    *  You’ll earn 40-55% of our sale price on every item of yours we sell. Enjoy the thrill of having your earnings ADD up quickly! As a store consignor, you have your choice on how to earn money. As we sell your unneeded items, you earn 40% of the sale price, which goes into your account as cash. Or you can get 45% going into your account as store credit. For example, if we sell an item of yours for $50, you make $20 cash or get a $22.50 credit to any of our stores. For items priced over $75.00, you will receive 50% of the selling price in cash or a 55% store credit.
  3. How do I know how much money I’ve earned?                                        *As a consignor, you’ll get an online account and you can log in anytime to see how much money you’ve made! Then stop into the store to pick up your cash, or to shop with your credits.
  4. How do I get paid?                                                                                    *Once you’re a consignor, your account is updated automatically when your items are sold. You can then use your credit towards a purchase at any time. If you want to receive your payments as cash, come into the store, show us a picture ID, and we’ll pay you in cash for any amount we owe you under $100. Checks are printed on the first of each month for consignors owed $100 or more and are available for pickup in store after the 1st.
  5. To earn even more, keep your earned money as store credit to use towards future purchases. Keeping your earnings as store credit adds 5% to your payout. Store credit Consignors then receive 45% for sold items priced below $75 and 55% for sold items priced $75 or more. 
  6. What kind of furniture will you take?                                              *Bedroom sets, bookshelves, kitchen tables, recliners, sofas, desks, benches, armoires, china cabinets, and more!
  7. What kind of household items will you take?                                        *What have you got?!? Besides the usual mirrors, vases, dish sets, candle holders, pictures, frames, etc., etc., we’ve had telescopes, world globes, ceramic frogs for the garden, electronic keyboards, brand new toasters, antique typewriters  and more. Let’s see what you’ve got!
  8. Do you accept books, movies and software?                                          *We do accept books. Fiction books need to be copyrighted within the last five years or from a popular series. Non-fiction, like cookbooks, craft books, inspirational, etc. need to be in great condition and popular. We accept movies in DVD format, scratch free with their cases. Software is not accepted. Sorry. (By the way, our sister store, Cutie Patuties Consignment in Leominster does accept children’s books and movies.)
  9.  What happens to my items that don't sell?                                         *Another way we choose to recycle merchandise is by donating items that don’t sell. We donate these second-hand items to local charities that serve our community. Oftentimes they provide clothing and household items to families that have been hit by fire or some other unfortunate circumstance.

Helpful hints when doing consignment shopping:

  • Shop frequently either in store or online (We have 100s of new items arriving daily.)
  • Buy it today because it may not be here tomorrow!
  • Plan ahead and bring us a few things to consign when you come in to shop.
  • Know any measurements you need to know when buying big stuff because all sales are final.
  • Gift cards make great gifts, especially for someone moving into a new home, apartment or college dorm!

We know that many of your items will be gently used, but they still need to be in excellent fully-working condition to be accepted.

Some items are seasonal. As a general rule, we accept specific holiday decor 2 months before the holiday and stop accepting 1 month before the holiday.  You can always call us to confirm if you are bringing in seasonal items.

A clerk will examine the items you bring in and accept what we can resell. If we don’t think we can sell it, you can take your items back home or we can donate them to local charities.

Item Requirements:

  • Electronics that plug in or require batteries: Accepted only if NEW and in a SEALED box
  • Movie DVDs: Must be current, scratch free, & in a case
  • Wall Hangings: Antique & current desirable styles
  • Collectible Figures: Willow Trees, Jim Shore, etc
  • Lamps: Must be in working order, have a light bulb, a lamp shade, and in a desirable style
  • Mugs: Set of 4 or greater (in even numbers)
  • Glassware: Set of 4 or greater (in even numbers)
  • Dish sets: Sets of 4 or greater (in even numbers)
  • Tea Cups & Saucers: individually if COLLECTIBLE only, otherwise in sets
  • Table Linens: Clean, freshly pressed, complete set.
  • Curtains: New, never-used in original packages only (no window coverings with pull strings due to current safety guidelines, please)
  • Bedding: New, never-used in original packaging only
  • Christmas and winter holiday items are accepted September 15th thru October 15th.
  • Other holiday items are accepted 2 months before the holiday, ending 1 month before the holiday.
  • Anything that requires a battery must have a working battery included.