Consigning is a Win-Win-Win for all of us!

More and more families are turning to consignment stores as a quick and easy way to recycle their un-needed clothing, home decor and furniture.  Not only will you clean out your home, but you will help someone else who needs those items find them at affordable prices, keeping thousands of items out of the land fills every day.

For You: Consigning is quick and easy at all ECi Stores.  Consignments accepted Every Day (7 Days per Week) during business hours, with No Appointments Needed!  How many items can you bring in?  As much as you need to!  We are happy to accept the items your family can no longer use to help them find new uses with someone else.  Our fast turnaround means you start to earn credit for your items quickly, and you can easily pick up your monies as soon as your items start selling.

Clothing items will get processed, reviewed for any stains or missing buttons you may not have noticed and get displayed for a quick return on your investments.

Home decor and furniture pieces will be reviewed upon drop off, photographed, displayed in-store plus on our website for 24 hours access to our growing customer fans for quick selling.

For Your Community: Although you may not longer need an item, it may be exactly what someone else is looking for.  By offering them items that have been gently loved, they are able to pick up new items to furnish their home or closet at a fraction of the original cost.  And, It's FUN!  You never know what we will have in stock today, so every time you shop there are new opportunities to find just what you are looking for.

For the Earth:  Thousands of items are casually discarded every day, quickly filling our land fills and storage areas.  Why throw something away just because you no longer need it?  Let it find a new home with someone else who will use it, and find enjoyment from it.  Not only does it save an item already made, but it helps reduce our need to continue to manufacture new items and use resources in the manufacturing and distribution process.  Recycling through consignment is an Earth friendly, green solution.

To find specific details about each store's consignment guidelines, please review:

Cutie Patuties consignment information for infants, kids and maternity wear, gear and toys.

Cutiques consignment information for home decor and furniture.

Q consignment information for Young Adult clothing, decor and other cool stuff.

CP & Company consignment information for Ladies including Misses, Petites, Plus Sizes, and Accessories.


If you have any questions, please call us at 978-534-6604 or click HERE to message us!