Olde Century Colors Crackle Medium Quart


Crackle Medium - Quart
Crackle Medium Instructions Crackle is a medium that has a mind of its own at times, so you need to keep this in mind when working with it. Two very important things to remember: 1) This is only used with a water based paint. 2) Never over-brush when applying a top coat of paint. Your base can be almost any surface - stained, painted, or raw wood. Make sure this surface is clean before applying the crackle medium. A thin coat will result in thin cracks, a heavier coat of Crackle Medium will result in larger cracks. (If puddling occurs as it dries, use a scrunched up plastic [Saran Wrap® or plastic bag] or a brush to pat out the puddles). You can also re-wet the medium if you don't like the looks of it, then allow to re-dry. We also suggest using a bristle brush to apply the medium. Your top coat will also follow the brush strokes in the cracking process, so if you want random cracking you can cross brush, more uniform cracking will appear if you use even stroking (one direction). Allow the crackle to dry at least two to three hours before applying the top coat of color.   Apply the top coat of color (water base only) in even strokes and avoid over brushing. Cracking begins almost immediately. The top color can also be applied by spraying if an exceptionally large area needs to be covered. The Crackle Medium can also be thinned with distilled water to make a thinner crack. We recommend one (1) to two (2) tablespoons of water to a cup, using a wire whisk to mix it up well. After the top coat is dry, you can then apply Antiquing Glaze or our Clear Gel Varnish for more durability. If you have never used Crackle Medium before, it is a good idea to do a practice piece and get the feel of the medium. Clean up with soap and water.

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  • Color = Crackle

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