Just Bee

Just Bee Lip Balm - Cozy (Vanilla)


Just Bee Lip Balm - Cozy
l Just Bee offers natural products with no artificial fillers, smoothers, preservatives, or stabilizers. They are free from Propylene Glycol, Minerals Oils, Parabens, Laureth Sulfate, EDTA, and Gluten.
l A primary ingredient in Just Bee's products is beeswax in its natural state. They gather wax locally from their carefully managed hives as well as wild sources. They do not buy their wax from industrial processors, where beeswax is simply a by-product of pollination or honey production, then extensively refined.
l Ingredients that are not readily available in their local area are sourced from suppliers that provide products as close to their natural state as possible. They use only high quality organic oils and do not use inexpensive filler oils such as olive or cotton seed, or any oil which has been hot processed or produced using a chemical solvent.
l Just Bee's flavors and fragrances are subtle and provide just the right amount of interest while not overwhelming the senses.
l Just Bee strives to offer longer product shelf life. Their high beeswax content provides natural preservative properties and actively works to maintain freshness.
l Each ingredient, each batch, each product is carefully filled and quality checked. They work in harmony with nature to create product you can feel good about using.

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